Refurbished Dust Extraction Units

We have a wide range of second hand and refurbished dust extraction units and dust control units available at a fraction of their original cost. If you are interested in any of the  units below, please contact our sales office for further details.

Dustrax 50M

2 x Dustrax 50M 5.5kw for sale.

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Dustrax Unit with Spray Bench

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Dustrax 2

Dustrax 2 Section No27 Bagging Base filter unit with Dustrax No30PB DD 7.5kw fan ,air volume 1.5m³/sec.

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Fans & Blowers

Backward inclined direct driven 600BSZ 100 30kw fan with 580mm flanged inlet.

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Vacuum Dust Collector

Gold Series Farr High Vacuum Dust Collector.

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Nederman Combifab

Nederman Combifab Type S0.56-450 LG0 G5    air volume 12214m³/hr @ 5338pa 37kw.

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