How Reverse Pulse Dust Filters work

In a reverse air dust collector, the dirty air flows from the inside-to-outside, so that the dust collects on the inside of the filter bag.

These dust collectors are a compact form of fabric filtration and are designed for continuous operation. They can filter fine particulate and achieve collection efficiencies of 99.99%.

Dustraction produce various designs of ruggedly constructed reverse pulse tubular bag filters which exploit the superior filtration properties of heavy felted fabric media.

The reverse pulse dust collectors are suited to many industrial applications and are ideal at handling heavy dust burdens as they work on a continuous process with no shutdown time.

Filter Cleaning System

Reverse Pulse dust collectors are cleaned automatically by reverse jets of compressed air. This ensures better collection efficiency than conventional mechanical shaking.

The collected waste can be discharged directly into the manufacturing process, waste sacks, or via a hopper into enclosed skips.

Industrial Dust Extraction Units

We offer an extensive range of industrial dust extraction units and fume extraction systems for many different industries and applications. We also offer a comprehensive range of dust extraction units for schools and colleges.

Our dust extraction units can remove particles from the workplace for a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, chemicals and composites. Our bespoke units range from stand alone dust extraction systems for one machine, to larger, centralised dust cartridge filters for dust control.