Designed and Manufactured in Britain

Made in Britain, designed in Britain – and with that uniquely British spark of genius that sets its engineering apart – each one of Dustraction’s extraction systems is as individual as the demands of the client it is designed to serve. Everything that leaves our Leicester factory has been designed, cut from sheet metal, shaped, rolled, welded and assembled by the Dustraction team under one roof.

Having absolute control over quality and production at all times means we can guarantee both the bag life and the emissions of all the extraction systems we install – and when the time comes for you to upgrade or move a system, the rugged engineering that’s built into every component means disassembling and reassembling can be carried out with confidence.

Innovation and Invention

Our customers frequently ask us to solve difficult problems which require both innovation and invention. In the past these challenges have led to a number of developments in dust control, including:

  • Specially formulated sacrificial dust to prevent filters from clogging at a plastics plant
  • Incorporation of acoustic damping materials and baffles to cut noise levels at a factory in a residential area
  • Development of specially designed fan blades which prevent the overtones associated with a particular material as it strikes the blades