Removal of Hazardous Fumes and Dust

Downdraft sanding benches for schools are highly effective at removing hazardous fumes and dusts generated by sanding, grinding, polishing and welding operations. This can be especially important for COSHH compliance within schools and colleges where students are working with these materials on a regular basis.

Air contaminants are drawn down and back – away from the operator’s breathing zone.

Highly efficient cartridge filters trap particulate, while pulse-jet compressed air blasts keep filters clear and operating at optimum efficiency.

The DX2000 Sanding Bench

Our DX2000 Sanding Bench is designed to control the light, airborne dust which is generated from hand sanding of wooden components.

The bench consists of a sheet steel case covered in PVC non-slip perforated matting on which the component is held. The working area of the bench is 2000mm x 1100mm, with a working height of 900mm.

Air is drawn downwards through the perforated surface, which reduces fine dust particles being inhaled by the operator. The air is then filtered and passed through a fan, before being discharged at low level back to the workshop.