Dust Control Systems for Schools & Colleges

Dustraction is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and installation of dust control systems.  The company specialises in installing dust control systems in schools and colleges. Our dust extraction units can remove particles from the workplace for a wide range of materials such as wood, metal and chemicals. Our bespoke units range from stand alone dust extraction systems  to larger, centralised dust control systems. We also offer a comprehensive range of dust extraction units for industrial applications.

Unit Filters

Self-contained dust control unit filters for schools and colleges in a range of sizes and specifications.

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A large range of ducting is manufactured by Dustraction in various specifications and materials to suit all applications.

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Fans for Schools & Colleges

A vast range of high efficiency fans are available, all manufactured in house to meet exact customer specifications.

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Sanding Benches

Highly effective sanding benches for schools that remove hazardous fumes and dusts away from the operator’s breathing zone.

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Spray Booths

Spray booths are specially designed to remove fine airborne paint particles without restricting worker movement or visibility.

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Design & Development

Everything that leaves our Leicester factory has been designed, cut, shaped, rolled, welded and assembled by our team.

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