Wood Waste Dust Extraction

A Dustraction wood waste heater is of a robust construction, simple to operate and provide cost effective workshop heating with the added benefit of wood waste disposal. The concept is quite simple: wood waste is transported to a storage silo and fed directly into the combustion zone via a temperature controlled screw feed system.

The equipment contains specially built cyclones, augers and hot gas fans which have been designed for a long working life saving you considerable expense in the future.

Wood Waste Heating Systems

Our automatic wood waste heater is manufactured in two sizes with an output of 146kW per hour (500,000 BTU per hour) and 292kW per hour (1 million BTU). The heat is transferred back into the workshop in the form of warm air, or alternatively in the summer months the system can be used as an incinerator and heat dump the warm air into the atmosphere.

Cost Saving

Turning a wood waste product into a source of energy can dramatically reduce your heating bills and waste disposal costs. Often giving a return on investment in a very short period of time saving you tens of thousands of pounds in the years to come.

Wood waste chippers can also be incorporated into the system to allow you to dispose of your off cuts along with all your extracted waste. Automatic wood combustion heaters make sound environmental and financial sense.

Industrial Dust Extraction Units

We offer an extensive range of industrial dust extraction units and fume extraction systems for many different industries and applications. We also offer a comprehensive range of dust extraction units for schools and colleges.

Our dust extraction units can remove particles from the workplace for a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, chemicals and composites. Our bespoke units range from stand alone dust extraction systems for one machine, to larger, centralised dust extraction unit.