How Wet Dust Control works

When dust is mixed with a high proportion of water vapour or is explosive i.e. aluminium, titanium or magnesium, a wet collector is often the only solution.

The unit effectively separates dust particles by saturating the air stream with a water vortex while reducing the potential for an explosion.

They are of a robust construction and operate by collecting the dust from an induced water spray curtain with the sludge settling to the base of the filter and being discharged via valves, manual scrapers or automatic scraper conveyors.

Advantages of Wet Dust Collectors

Wet collection is required for the safe collection of combustible dusts from metals such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium.

We can design systems to work as containment booths, piped systems or down draft benches. There are many sizes and configurations available and custom requests are always welcomed.

Wet Dust Collectors will greatly decrease the risk of fire and explosion in your facility – keeping your workers safe and complying with health and safety legislation.

Units are self-contained and require little or no water after filling.