Wet Dust Extraction System for Pipe Cutting

A newly commissioned flanged pipe manufacturing plant at Leigh on Sea is capable of producing ductile iron flanged pipes with an internal diameter range from 80mm to 1000mm, in variable lengths and configurations up to five metres overall.

Sigma Commercial Product’s operation has already been granted a license for the use of the BSI Kitemark to endorse the quality of their fittings – one of only three pipe fittings manufacturers to be so licensed.

Alongside Jindal Saw’s own Kite marked pipe catalogue, SCP’s fittings will carry the same unbeatable quality endorsement in the UK marketplace.

Dustraction won the contract to supply and install a wet dust extraction system to collect and dispose of fine dust generated at a range of pipe cutting operations within the new 1,300 sq mtr manufacturing plant.

Bespoke Collection Hoods Installed

Dustraction have installed bespoke collection hoods to pick up with the existing guards on the cutting, finishing and chamfering operations.

Dustraction have designed telescopic ducts to accommodate movement in the cutters and to ensure that the fine concrete and cast iron dust generated is channelled into the main extraction system.

Some of that dust is generated inside the tubular body of each pipe section as the cutter breaks through the internal surface; this was overcome by Dustraction using articulated extraction arms which are manually located at the end of each pipe element to collect all light, floating dust inside the cut sections.

A Dustrax 2.5M collection unit passes the dust laden air stream repeatedly through fine water spray curtains so that the solids collect as sludge in the bottom of specially designed hoppers for subsequent removal manually.

The dust collection and cleaning unit is constructed in 3mm steel plate, continuously welded and stiffened, and is flat-bottomed to simplify removal of sludge using simple scrapers.

Removal of sludge at the doors of the collector is, say Dustraction, the only manual requirement in the day to day operating maintenance of the system.