Mobile Filter Unit

Introducing the Dustrax Pro Mobile Filter Unit from Dustraction Ltd. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the Welding Industry, the mobile filter unit comes with a 2.5m swivel mounted extraction arm. The swivel mounting enables a full 360-degree rotation of the extraction arm.

Designed for single welder operation the unit is fully mobile and coupled with the 360 rotating arm, allows the Dustrax Pro to be easily positioned, giving excellent flexibility in the workplace. Once in place the wheels can be locked to ensure safety and stability. Available to suit 3 different supply voltages, the unit is supplied with a 3m flying lead for easy connection.

To ensure that the Dustrax Pro provides adequate extraction at all times a warning light and audible alarm are fitted to alert the user to the fact the filters are becoming saturated and require replacement. With no tools required to change the filters, maintenance is simple and straight forward.

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Welding: Targeted

The mobile units are suitable for welding applications of:

  • Manual welding
  • MIG/MAG/TIG welding
  • Gas welding

The Dustrax Pro mobile filtration unit is capable of being up and running in a matter of minutes. It arrives only requiring the extraction arm to be attached to the unit by means of three fixings; plug into the power supply, position the arm and it is ready to go.

The units are designed and manufactured in the UK. The unit and extraction arm are supplied fully assembled; and there are no internal components within the arm. It supports CoSHH and the HSG258 guidance document on air recirculation. No complicated electrics and control elements. Loaded particle filter indicator and alarm. Four castors – with brakes on front two. Simple filter handling. Modular design for ease of cleaning. Powder coated, rugged steel housing. Backward curved mild steel impeller.

Filtration: 3 Stages

The mobile units come with three stages of filtration comprising of:

  • Aluminium Mesh Filter
  • Pre-filter
  • High Efficiency Patrticulate Arrestor (HEPA) Filter

The 3-stage filtration process aims to progressively filter the harmful particles from the contaminated air stream as the air passes through the Dustrax Pro. The use of a aluminium mesh at stage one reduces the possibility of sparks passing through.

The second stage pre-filter removes the majority of particles before the air finally passes through the third stage which captures 99.95% of the particles prior to exhausting very high level of cleaned air back into the work place. The filters are non-cleanable, when they become saturated a warning light and alarm are triggered alerting the user that control of exposure may be inadequate and action should be taken.

Housekeeping: Industrial Vacuums

Good housekeeping is essential across all industries and to complement our range of mobile filter units, extraction arms and downflow booths, we offer a comprehensive range of industrial vacuums to suit a multitude of applications and processes.

There are a wide range of applications that benefit from the use of industrial vacuum cleaners. The provision of vacuum suction systems, be it a centralised or standalone unit, can go a long way in ensuring the workplace is maintained in good order, benefiting to the health and safety of all.

Our range of industrial vacuums can be customised to meet your needs and made with options in line with safety standards, meeting:

  • Total or partial construction in stainless steel AISI304-316
  • Filtration certified at European level (L-M-H) and specific for different applications (antistatic filters, absolute filters, NOMEX filters (for high temperature material, up to 250°)
  • Certified industrial vacuum cleaners for areas with risk of explosion ATEX zones 1, 2, 21, 22
  • Use of pre-separators or hoppers to facilitate collection and handling of fine powders or aspirated material
  • Specific accessories for use in food industry (silicone accessories, certified hoses for use in food industry)

With our experience across all industries, we know that utilising industrial vacuum units offer a solution that ensures increased efficiency and workplace safety with considerable advantages for production cycles.