Dust Control Unit Filters Overview

The Dustrax self-contained fan and filter unit collector has solved thousands of dust problems over the last 50 years. Dustraction were pioneers in the development of the unit concept and today have the most comprehensive range available.

Schools, colleges and universities across the UK are benefiting greatly by having these types of units installed within their design and technology departments to ensure compliance with COSHH regulations.

The units vary in size and sophistication according to the task they have to perform. They are easy to inspect and require minimal servicing.

How the dust control unit works

Dust laden air is drawn through the inlet into the hopper section. This works as a preclassifier, with heavy particles settling into the base, and finer particles passing upwards into the filter element.

The conveying air passes through and out via the fan discharge.

The filter element is automatically cleaned when the fan is switched off through a high frequency vibration induced in the filter element.

Secondary filters can be fitted to any unit to suit various degrees of filtration depending on the dust being handled.