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Industry Leading Dust Extraction, Dust Control and Wood Waste Heating Systems

Dustraction is a leading UK manufacturer of quality Dust Extraction and Dust Control equipment

We can provide bespoke solutions for all your dust containment requirements.

Dust and fume extraction are a main requirement of most manufacturing industries. Our dust extraction units can remove particles from the workplace for a wide range of materials such as wood, metal, chemicals and composites. Our bespoke units range from stand alone dust extraction systems for one machine, to larger, centralised dust control systems. Our Leicester factory has a manufacturing area of over 10,000 square feet and is equipped with modern machinery, including CNC plasma profiling and CNC press brakes.

Latest News

Dustraction: Designing Efficiency

Following the purchase of a second site for his growing fire door manufacturer business, Adrian Goldsbury, Owner of Door & Joinery Solutions Ltd, commissioned experienced wood waste extraction specialist, Dustraction, to design, build and install a new and highly efficient extraction system.

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Flexible Filtering from Dustraction

When faced with a new factory unit to home its growing components manufacturing business, Oliveti Cubicles turned to leading wood waste extraction specialist, Dustraction, to provide a custom-built extraction solution for its new premises in Leicestershire.

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In the Flow with Dustraction

Following a stark report from The Federation of Bakers on the dangers of dust, primarily flour and ingredient dust in the food industry, Dustraction, one of the UK’s leading independent specialists in air quality control and dust control systems, has launched its new range of Downflow Booths.

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Dustraction are proud members of the Extraction Manufacturers and Designers Association

Launched to ensure best practice and support the HSE in reducing the impact of poor work practices.