New Extraction System to Meet High Specifications

Dustraction has completed an extraction project for a client whose own working standards set some fairly high job specification standards.

Scenex Sets & Staging has installed a new Morbidelli CNC work centre in order to take control of a lot of work that they had traditionally out-sourced and they have invested in a new machine with a bigger work table than many of their suppliers which allows them to target physically larger work.

The Morbidelli now on the Leicester shop floor at Scenex carries a work table of 3.6 mtrs x 2.2mtrs; in addition to being a bigger table, the Morbidelli is sited under a mezzanine floor and limited height dictated that the extraction hood be carried on a cattinery wire – a cable and jockey wheel – to achieve enough height and mobility for the extraction inlet.

Steve Matuska of Dustraction reports that Scenex are coarse ripping big volumes of MDF with large-diameter blades for the construction of staging. Client Nick O’ Brien says: “we work fast and precision is vital against deadlines that must always be adhered to.”

System for MDF Dust Extraction Needed

MDF is the favoured substrate for its strength in support of a wide range of visual graphics and sensory displays without buckling under the stresses and strains they impose. Working MDF, as anyone with experience of it knows, generates a lot of dust and also, cut coarsely using big-diameter blades, it also generates a huge volume of much heavier chip waste.

At the Scenex factory, Dustraction planned the layout to service all machines on the shop floor and with all running together at any one time in an effort to keep up with last minute panic demands. Flow gauges are also installed on each extraction hood to maintain a visual check on air flows, as is now required by the Health & Safety Executive. Nick O’Brien says, “In our line of business, last minute panics are the name of the game. It doesn’t matter how cleverly you schedule the work under any one job ticket, something always happens to throw best laid plans out of gear!”

Dustrax WoodWaste Filter to Meet Demand

However, a Dustrax No. 27 tubular fabric sock-type woodwaste filter was installed with an automatic shaker mechanism to dislodge dust caking to the interiors of the filter tubes. A 3x section filter comprising more than fifty such tubular filters was installed plus two Dustrax fansets to handle dust waste and also to collect the heavier weight chip material. The waste then drops into the high capacity bulker bags mounted below the hopper outside the building, which in turn can be ecologically sealed for land fill disposal.

Dustraction’s Steve Matuska said of the Scenex contract: “most of the specification standards applying to this job are common to many of our installations. But to be planning from the outset to ensure that the very highest standards of operation and reliability must apply at all levels – like, nothing must ever go wrong – EVER … adds an extra frisson to the work!”