Following a stark report from The Federation of Bakers on the dangers of dust, primarily flour and ingredient dust in the food industry, Dustraction, one of the UK’s leading independent specialists in air quality control and dust control systems, has launched its new range of Downflow Booths.

Downflow Booth Eliminates Food Dust

The introducing of the new Downflow Booth range has been created to reduce the risks associated with food dust. This can result in anything from a persistent cough to life debilitating condition such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and even Lung Cancer. The Downflow Booth also offers a simple and effective way for employers to ensure that they are fulfilling a duty of care to their staff and complying with the very latest health and safety regulations.

Large Areas of Dust can be Controlled

Each model has been designed to offer control of dust over large areas of emission, where conventional methods, including hoods, are not adequate or effective. This is particular common in operational areas where scooping from tubs or bags into weigh points is taking place or in large, open-plan areas. The Downflow Booth eliminates this issue by suppressing and extracting dust over the whole area.

Available in a Range of Sizes

The stainless steel modular designed booths are available in a range of sizes – from two to eight metre widths – with the option to customise the size if required. Available on a eight to ten week lead time, each design offers a constant downward supply of clean air, preventing dust and particulates from entering the operator’s breathing zone.

The cleverly designed booth also operates on a re-circulatory airflow principle. A clean downflow of air is supplied from the ceiling via HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Arrestor) filters, keeping dust away from the operator’s breathing zone. Grilles in the lower rear wall also capture airborne contaminants and filter the air via three stage filtration – primary roughing filters, secondary bag filters and HEPA filters – which discharge clean air over the operator’s head and provide an evenly distributed down flow of 0.5m/sec.

Easy to Control

The easy-to-use control panel has also been designed with integral pressure indicating devices to monitor the performance of the extraction, together with the automatic control of variable speed fans in a bid to maintain optimum operating conditions. The start/stop buttons are supported with indicator lights that show that the booth is running correctly.

Each booth comes with one twin IP66 socket as standard. Audible filter alarms, bag disposals and compactors, an ATEX certified integral vacuum unit and internal and external power supplies can be installed as optional extras.