Dustraction's business is to provide dust and fume extraction equipment to cater for your specific requirements.

All equipment supplied is manufactured to meet the current Health & Safety legislation in both the UK and EU.

Dust Extractor

That search for a new dust extractor could be over. 

Are you looking to finally sort out those extraction issues you currently have. That loud, expensive, harmful to the environment dust extractor that's in your workplace are just a drain on your resources. It’s much better to deal with the issue head on and replace the unit.

We’re a straight talking company that believe in a realistic approach to their work.

Located just outside Leicester in Oadby – we have been providing dust extractor solutions for over 50 years and we aren’t looking at stopping any time soon. Our central location in the UK is ideal and we have clients across the country.

We offer a wide range of products each one is then tailored to each individual specification.

We are with you every step of the way – from the initial design, to implementation and we also offer an excellent after sales service, where we annually run a service and change any damaged or faulty parts.

We offer a service that sets us apart from our competitors, our prices are affordable and we can design a dust extraction unit that is design to your exact specification - there isn’t a space that’s too big or too small for one of our tailor-made dust extraction units.

We have plenty of happy clients that have had our dust extraction units in the past, take a look at what they said.

The Dustraction team welcome you to our site and hope you have find you what you’re looking for and will be a part of our growing company.

Dustraction are specialists in a wide range of fume and dust extraction equipment for a wide range of sectors. From industrial clients to schools and colleges, we can provide fume and dust extractor systems to cater for your specific requirements. From unit and cyclo filters to our range of modular filter systems specifically designed for wood waste extraction, Dustraction has provided the right product for you, specifically tailored to your needs, budget and available space.

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